Welcome to Londos Hotel in Paros Island

Paros is everybody’s idea of what Greek islands are all about!
With warm weather from April to November Paros  offers not only sun and sea but also its characterized for its rich history as it has been an important crossroad in the Aegean from the beginning of nautical times since it located in the heart of the Cyclades. This is also the reason it serves as a connecting point to most of the South Aegean islands.

Paros history and civilization has mainly evoked from the exploration of its famous marble “lichnitis“. From antiquity this most precious marble has been used of many famous sculptors for  the creation  of important temples and statues which are considered master pieces and are spread in many museums in the world including the ones of Paros and Greece.

Londos hotel is a small family hotel, consists of 20 rooms and it is one of the first hotels built in 1970’s by our parents Kostas and Eleni Perantinos when tourism was still underdeveloped. They were pioneers but also risking because everyone believed then the hotel was going to end up a pigeon house! Paros at those times  was a virgin place with no tourism and the people had other activities mainly with land and fishing. Tourism development eventually arrived and has very much changed the scenery  but we love our island and we love what we do,  so we try to upgrade and personalize our services and give the guest the opportunity to enjoy and explore the island at its best!

We are ideally located  in the small harbour of Pisso Livadi 17 km from the main port Parikia. It is one of the most attractive places on the island, a holiday area with some of the best beaches.

There is a very good selection of restaurants and bars and the best beaches are reachable within walking distance or bus service which is quiet often.

The traditional settlements of MarpissaProdromos , Marmara and Lefkes are only a few kilometers away from us and you can either drive or walk or use public bus which is very convenient. Surfing schools which cater for both beginners and advanced surfers you will find at Molos beach or the New Golden and Golden Beach a few kilometers away from Pisso Livadi. Access to the beaches is very easy with good roads and all services are available to the visitors.

There are many activities for individuals and for families or bigger parties/groups. From Piso Livadi there are many day trips and sailing trips to neighbouring islands. Other activities we can organize for you are : organized walks, cooking lessons, horseback riding, windsurfing, scuba diving and fishing trips.

Our office Perantinos Travel will provide you with all relevant information on daily cruises and excursions (Delos, Mykonos, Santorini, Iraklia, Koufonisi, Naxos)  car and motorbike hiring, information on the sightseings of the island and activities & ferry boat tickets. Tel :0030 2284 0 41736, email: contact@perantinostravel.com

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