Information about Pisso Livadi & Paros Island

Paros is everybody’s idea of what Greek islands are all about!
With warm weather from April to November Paros  offers not only sun and sea but also its characterized for its rich history as it has been an important crossroad in the Aegean from the beginning of nautical times since it located in the heart of the Cyclades. This is also the reason it serves as a connecting point to most of the South Aegean islands.

Paros history and civilization has mainly evoked from the exploration of its famous marble “lichnitis“. From antiquity this most precious marble has been used of many famous sculptors for  the creation  of important temples and statues which are considered master pieces and are spread in many museums in the world including the ones of Paros and Greece.

The way to reach Paros is by ferry boat or airplane. There are frequent ferry services everyday between the port of Pireaus and Paros, a trip that lasts with the highspeed ferries 2 and 1/2 hours and with the Blue Star ferries 4 hours (other regular ferries take about 5 hours). There is also recently a daily ferry from Rafina, which is closer to the new airport Eleftherios Venizelos, with only 4 hours.

The daily flights are about 3 and take only half an hour. Our office PERANTINOS TRAVEL can help you with this information and arrange for your transfers or arrange for hiring a car upon your arrival. There are also frequent buses from the main port of Parikia to Pisso Livadi and from the Airport to Parikia as well. Taxi service is also available.

From the main port: Parikia 17 km
From the Airport: 18 km
From the nearest city: Naoussa 10 km
From the beach: Piso Livadi 150 meters
From the bus station: Piso Livadi 150 meters
From the shops: 200 meters

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